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Welcome to the online home of Abigail Norfleet James, Ph.D.

Abigail James is a world-renowned teacher and expert on gender-based learning.

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Abigail James is also an in-demand speaker on how teachers, parents, and communities can better engage and teach the children in their classrooms, their families, and their neighborhoods. She is a frequent presenter at education conferences around the world, including the 2009 International Boys’ School Coalition in Hong Kong and the 2010 Young, Drifting & Black conference in London, where she was a featured speaker.

Abigail has spent her entire career working with students, teachers and parents in classrooms across the US and around the world.She is available to schools and communities for curriculum & professional development as well as consultation on building gendered education skills, and to parenting groups who seek resources for creating education opportunities for their children.

Dr. James is a true expert, with a real-world approach that helps parents, teachers and communities teach their children well.