You’ve got a son – lucky you!

Boys are balls of kinetic energy, moving and climbing and throwing

from infancy through adulthood.

boy with pencils

The trick to helping your little ball of motion become a happy, successful learner is teaching him yourself, starting the day he’s born.

Following along in the ages-and-stages approach in

The Parents’ Guide to Boys: Help Your Son Get the Most Out of School and Life,

you can help your son at every stage of development:

4-panel picture deck of boys

  • How talking to your baby, in real words, from early infancy will unlock his communication skills – both listening and talking
  • Why the physical play of boys – roughhousing – is critical to your son’s cognitive and emotional development
  • The 7 Rules of Discipline that will keep your boy, and your family, on track from toddler days through high school
  • How to help your active, curious boy avoid getting tagged with the ADHD label if he’s not really ADHD
  • Preventing helicopter-parent syndrome: the keys to supervision without being too “hands-on”
  • Spot bullying, and help nip it in the bud
  • Build an independent, thinking, thoughtful young man from the ground up

No matter how old your son is, you’ll get plenty of actionable tips from The Parents’ Guide to Boys!

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