Teaching the Female Brain: How Girls Learn Math & Science

“James’ text is a wonderful resource for teachers and parents of girls. The practical suggestions for math and science teachers are an absolute highlight. If educators read and follow the encouraging suggestions in this book, more girls would be empowered to succeed in math and science.”
Kate Broadley, Researcher, Alliance of Girls’ Schools

Teaching the Female BrainAny parent or teacher can tell you that boys and girls learn in very different ways. When it comes to math and science, girls often lose interest when material is presented in ways that engage boys. Click the book cover to get a copy on Amazon.com.

“Teaching the Female Brain” offers a practical guide to tapping into girls’ unique sensory, physical, cognitive, and emotional learning centers, and shows you how to adapt classroom and at-home experiences to assist girls’ learning, particularly in math and science.

This book provides:

  • Specific instructional techniques and practical applications for differentiating instruction in math and science
  • Ways of dealing with girls’ stress
  • Up-to-date findings on left- vs. right-brain learning, styles of learning, and math anxiety
  • Resources, figures, and charts, as well as quizzes in each chapter that introduce the topic and challenge preconceived notions of learning differences

Help the girls in your life develop a love for science and math – and never hear “I hate math!” again.