The Parents’ Guide to Boys!

The Parents’ Guide to Boys

Help Your Son Get the Most Out of School and Life

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How often, as a parent, have you said, “I wish there was an instruction manual“? Here’s one for getting your sons ready for, and engaged throughout, school.

Abigail Norfleet James’ experience in the classroom, at home as the mother of a son, and throughout her life as a learner and teacher seeking the best approach to helping kids learn, tells her that parents want to give their children the best preparation for life they possibly can.

In The Parents’ Guide to Boys, Dr. James breaks down the ages and stages of development for boys, from early infancy through high school:

  • Chapter 1: Are Boys Different?
  • Chapter 2: Infants and Toddlers
  • Chapter 3: Inside a Boy: Preschool and Kindergarten
  • Chapter 4: Boundaries (His, Yours, Everyone’s): Elementary School
  • Chapter 5: Building a Benign Dictatorship (You’re the Dictator): Middle School
  • Chapter 6: Whiskey & Car Keys, Trust & Consequences: High School
  • Chapter 7: A Magnificent Work in Progress
  • Appendix: Weapons of Mass Destruction (addressing the risk-taking inherent in children, particularly boys)

No matter how old your boys are, you’ll find something to help you help your sons succeed – from infancy to high school graduation, Abigail’s book has tips for giving your boys a great start in school, keeping them engaged in the classroom, and creating a happy, self-sufficient young man. Written in accessible, conversational language, you’ll be able to put the ideas in the book to work immediately.

If you have a son, here’s the book you’ve been looking for – the one that will give you clear instructions on how to prepare your boys for school, and for the lifetime of learning that defines a successful man.

The Parents’ Guide to Boys will be a best-seller!