Active Lessons for Active Brains

Active Lessons for Active BrainsCo-authored by Abigail James with Sandra Allison and Caitlin McKenzie, this workbook was created to help teachers effectively teach the experiential learners in their classrooms. Click the book cover on this page to buy the book on

Experiential learners – who are often tagged as learning-disabled – need graphic input, or tactile interaction, with lesson material in order to fully grasp content. Reading or listening, which are the primary methods of classroom instruction, won’t reach or teach the experiential learner.

Abigail and her co-authors have compiled 73 lessons in math, language arts, science, and general study that offer specific strategies for improving the achievement of active learners in grades 3 through 10.

Learn how to engage your active learners, whether they are boys or girls, and use these examples as models for your own lessons!