Rube Goldberg lives on

When my son was little, he had a favorite toy which was a set of tubes and various other pieces which could be put together to make different forms of whistles or wind instruments. But he never used the toy that way. He would string the tubes together on a piece of cord or use PlayDoh© to … Read more

To School, or Not to School

image of boy holding book and wearing face mask with text in upper left "back to school, the new normal"

Everyone with any connection to students is trying to decide whether to go back to school, or not. There is no “one right answer,” but here are some of the factors to consider. Things you can’t control: What do we know about how the virus affects children? The latest research indicates that many children are … Read more

Who are you?

illustration of tree with fall color leaves, squares for adding names/pictures to build a family tree

Think about all of the images of the horrific events of the past several weeks. These are burned in our memories, but also in the memories of our children. They see adults trying to make changes in the world, changes which will affect all of us, but children are not sure what the outcome will … Read more