Preschool: Getting Ready for the Classroom

bed pillow fight

You’ve navigated infancy and the terrible-twos. Your little boy plays with other kids, and is actively exploring the world. One of the lessons that both of you will have to learn is this: roughhousing is critical to your son’s development. You’ve likely had at least a few instances of play-dates that involved someone getting hurt … Read more

It’s Never Too Early to Start: Infants & Toddlers

mom and baby reading

“I can’t do math, I’m not left-brained.” “I’m an artist, I’m right-brained.” At birth, the left side of a little girl’s brain is developing faster, while the right side is developing faster in a little boy’s. The left side of the brain is considered to be the language center, and the right side is where … Read more

Are boys different?

All kidding aside, they really are, and in more ways than just the obvious, physical ones. If your family includes both little boys and little girls, you’ve already witnessed this difference first-hand. Why those differences exist has been a topic of discussion for centuries. Is it nature? Is it nurture? Both come into play. When … Read more

Q: My 7 year old really has struggled in handwriting this year

He complains writing hurts his hand.  You mentioned a condition where the physical nature of writing by hand is difficulty–I think you said your son’s writing was aiding by switching to keyboarding. Could you send me the name of the condition or a link to more information about this. A: The condition is called dyspraxia … Read more

With Good Reason

Dr. James appeared as a guest on a recent episode of the award-winning radio program With Good Reason. Her segment is at the beginning of the show – click here to listen to her thought-provoking discussion with Sarah McConnell. Abigail’s experience in the classroom at the beginning of her teaching career led her to kicking … Read more