Primary school and the new “normal”

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Let’s put it right up front: we’ll be talking about learning disabilities. There are four categories of learning disabilities that are commonly seen as having gender differences. Let’s take them one by one: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): This is what used to be called Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). ADHD diagnoses have been in three … Read more

Preschool: Getting Ready for the Classroom

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You’ve navigated infancy and the terrible-twos. Your little boy plays with other kids, and is actively exploring the world. One of the lessons that both of you will have to learn is this: roughhousing is critical to your son’s development. You’ve likely had at least a few instances of play-dates that involved someone getting hurt … Read more

With Good Reason

Dr. James appeared as a guest on a recent episode of the award-winning radio program With Good Reason. Her segment is at the beginning of the show – click here to listen to her thought-provoking discussion with Sarah McConnell. Abigail’s experience in the classroom at the beginning of her teaching career led her to kicking … Read more