Pink or Blue?

blue and pink lego box image

Some years ago when I taught a class in Human Growth and Development, there were five requirements for the students which involved paying attention to people at different stages of their lives. One of the class requirements was to go to a large department or big-box store, look at the toy aisles, and report on … Read more

Snacks – the monster in the pantry?

snack time image

Last month, we covered the problem of sugar. This month, we’re taking on snacks. When I was little, we didn’t have snacks. If you were hungry between meals, my mother told you to go get a glass of water or a stick of celery. Anything else was going to spoil your appetite for the next … Read more

Sugar high: It’s REAL

Years ago, parents were warned not to let their children consume too much sugar as it would result in hyperactive behavior. Then, research came out that assured parents that there didn’t seem to be a strong connection between consumption of candy and wired children. Guess what, parents?! The experts have changed their minds again. According … Read more

Boys, Girls, and Nature/Nurture Identity Behavior

boy or girl image

Do you think your child knows he is a boy? Or has he just learned to call himself that because he learned it from those who are around him? Generally, children recognize the differences between men and women by ages one to two and can identify themselves as being male or female by the time … Read more

Happy Father’s Day!

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The prevailing stereotype is that men are not very emotional, but that isn’t true. More and more studies are indicating that while men may not be comfortable verbalizing their emotions, they certainly are emotional.  Now, research shows that men who are fathers actually secrete oxytocin the more time they spend with their own infant children. … Read more