Boys + screen time: the real 411

boy and screen image

The question that parents ask me the most often is: “Are video games/computers/television dangerous for my son?” One problem with responding to that question is that these forms of technology haven’t been around for very long and the research that is done on the effects of technology have most often used university students as subjects. It seems as … Read more

Got Games?

teenage boys playing video game

In a few weeks, boys around the world will receive holiday gifts of gaming devices, along with new games to play on those devices. What is likely to happen as a result of receiving these presents is that these boys will shout thanks and then plug themselves into the games for the rest of the … Read more

On boys, video games, and violence: A teacher’s perspective

boys playing shooter video game

An article by Christina Hoff Sommers in TIME may be of interest to parents of boys – click here to read it. Even if you are not in favor of single gender education, you probably are concerned that coed schools seem to find that normal boy behavior creates problems. I myself might be concerned if … Read more